Snorkeling at The Lighthouse, Andaman

Barefoot Scuba
  • 1 day
  • Very Easy
  • 4.9
  • Water

Snorkeling at The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is about 20 min by boat from Barefoot Scuba and consists mostly of a hard coral reef. As the name suggests, it is located at the Lighthouse of Havelock.


In contrast to Elephant Beach, there is no beach at this spot. Boats moor up to a mooring line and snorkellers gear up on the boat before entering the water.

The shallow reef offers good snorkelling with a variety of fish and coral. Sweetlips, Snappers, Angelfish, Damselfish, Butterflyfish, Moorish Idols, Fusiliers, Starfish, Clams, Oysters, Anemone Fish (Nemo), Wrasse, Parrotfish & Lion Fish are commonly seen here. Lucky snorkelers can also a Turtle, Morray Eels & Octopus. The large Humphead Parrot Fish frequent this site and if you are super lucky you may even see a sting ray.


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