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Surf Lessons in Kerala with Soul and Surf. Many people who come to stay with us are learners and improvers and our un-crowded Kerala waters provide a great location to practice your skills.


Soul & Surf Guests Lesson Outline For our beginner guests at Soul & Surf with some or no previous experience we recommend a minimum of three 1.5 hour lessons over 3 mornings.You must be able to swim as a basic requirement. We include use of surf equipment during and after lessons for free surf afternoons back at Soul & Surf main beach. We include courtesy transport to a suitable surf spot and will have not more than 5 students to each instructor/ assistant. So a max of 10 students to a group with a professionally qualified coach and assistant.

The lessons will include:

  • Basic knowledge of equipment and local surf geography.

  • Safety rules.

  • Stretching before and after lessons incorporating simple yoga.

  • Paddling, prone and pop-up techniques in broken wave. (white water)

  • Paddling out to the line up.

  • Position in the line-up to catch unbroken wave. ( green wave )

  • Take off and riding the green wave left, or maybe right if there is one…ha ha

  • Gaining the knowledge and ability to asses the surf, paddle out and ride the wave of your life unassisted with a big smile.

Lessons can be booked upon arrival and are charged at £23 / Rs. 2300 for a 1.5hr lesson. Have a chat with any of our team when you get here and we’ll get you booked in for the morning lessons. You can make significant savings by paying in advance, before you arrive on either a “Surf Lessons: Introduction” 3 day course or a “Surf Lessons: Week” 6 day course or combine with daily yoga on a Surf Lessons & Yoga Week 6 day course.


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