Tandem Paragliding at Billing

Golden Eagle Paragliding Club
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  • Very Easy
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Have you ever dreamed of fly like a bird? One of the best way to go Paragliding, fly tandem. In other words best way to be introduced the sport. Take to the skies with one of our highly experienced instructors.


You can experience the thrill of paragliding. During the flying you will be above the mountain and views are breathtaking. You will find inside the paradise. You do not need any experience or knowledge, just the desire to fly and follow your instructor’s guidance on positions for take off, time spent in the air and landing.

This fantastic opportunity does not guarantee duration as we don't know the thermal and weather conditions until the day, but for sure you will leave you landing area with adrenalin still going through your veins, and a sense of achievement as well as a unique look at the views very own armchair in the sky.


Billing is known as flying paradise. Really,if you want to fly and full feel your desire;fly like a bird then you must come to billing for flying. This is one of the best place for flying.So,every where of the world pilot come for flying. It is too good for both learner and experienced pilot. Everyone can fly here and they feel free and lot of fun during the flying. So, naturally this is too good for Tandem flying. After take off you will stay in the air around 30minuts minimum. And maximum around 1hour. During the flying you will see the views of High Mountain. Those are breathtaking and marbles.

Around 30 Minutes 3,000 INR(include car for take off).

Around 1hour 4,000 INR (include car for take off).

Long distance flying 5,000 INR (include car for take off).


All equipment required for the flight will be provided for you. You must be in good health, and be able to run a few yards. Please contact us if you are unsure.


  • YOU MUST WEAR BOOTS With good ankle support. If not available then is also possible with running shoes too.

  • You should bring with you clothing appropriate to the weather conditions for the day. The airfield and Hill are exposed places; you may get cold if you have unsuitable clothing.

Age limit

There are no age limits for tandem paragliding. From 10 to 95 years of age! Under 18's need parental consent to undertake the flight.Weight limit for tandem flights is 90kg maximum. And not less then 40kgs. If you weight more than this unfortunately we can't offer a tandem flight, but depends upon wind condition and whether we can go with 100kg too. We always remain open during flying season. But in summer season its time is before 11 o’clock morning and 3 o’clock afternoon. It is because in summer there isstrong thermal condition and also strong wind blows in hill.


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