Tandem Paragliding at Manali

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  • 15 minutes
  • Very Easy
  • 4.9
  • Air

Tandem Paragliding at Manali. Paragliding is the art of flying with control on a glider made by special fabric without any frame. A paraglider is the lightest aircraft, which can be easily carried on hills, mountains and rough terrain. Experienced pilots can stay in the air for hours and can even fly from the lower hills to the higher hills.


We organize Tandem joyrideas at Manali and Nainital. At Manali, we organize joyrides from three different locations.

The first and the most common joyride is organized at Solang costing Rs. 400/- per flight.

The duration of this flight is 50 seconds. The second flight is organized from Fatru to Solang, costing Rs. 1500/-.

The duration of Fatru to Solang flight is 3-7 minutes and sometimes we can stay in air even for longer.

The third flight is organized between Kothi to Gulabe, costing Rs. 2100/-. The duration of this flight is 7-15 minutes.


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