The 15 Day Surfing Course at Pondicherry

Kallialay Surf School
INR 12500

The 15 Day Surfing Course at Pondicherry To catch and ride a wave sideways taking a direction from the take-off and basic maneuvers.



Basic security measures, how to get around in the surf, how to catch a foam and unbroken wave on your own (bodysurfing and with the surf board), how to take directions, the right pop up technique, correct stance, paddling technique, take-off on an unbroken wave and basic maneuvers

We have group lessons 365 days of the year


Requirements : The better you swim the easier you will lean. For every lesson or coaching session you have to be present at the surf school 30min before the given time.

DonĀ“t Forget: Call 1 day in advance to confirm lesson timings. Lessons may vary according to sea conditions and tides. Bring your own towel, swimming suit and sunscreen.

Included: Rash vest and foamboard equipped with rubber fins.

Groups: We can teach up to 10 people per group.

Location: Banyan Beach, Pondicherry

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