Trekking at Dayra Bugyal, Uttarakhand

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  • 7 days
  • Very Easy
  • 4.9
  • Hilly

When the explorers got back from their treks to Dayara Bugyal, they came back profoundly affected. The meadows were exactly as the shepherds had described them – but only more beautiful.


Area : Garhwal Himalayas

Altitude : 3950 mts /12956 ft

Grade : Easy

Trekking Routes for Dayara Bugyal Trek : Delhi - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Barsu - Barnala Bugyal - Dayara Bugyal - Uttarkashi - Haridwar - Delhi

Bugyal in the local mountain dialect means "High Altitude Meadow". Dayara Bugyal is one of the most beautiful places in Uttaranchal, situated at an elevation ranging from 10,000 . The splendour of the high mighty Himalayan peaks like the Bhagirathi, Bandarpoonch, Draupadi ka Danda, Black Peak and others cradling Dayara is a truly breathtaking sight. Camping near Bharnala Tal, a small natural lake en route Dayara, is the highlight of the trek. Suitable for all almost age groups, this is considered as an easy trek. This vast meadow is second to none in natural beauty in Uttarakhand.

The possibility of Nordic as well as Alpine skiing are immense here, since during winter it provides one of the best ski slopes in India spread over an area of 28 sq/kms. The road to Dayara Bugyal branches off near Bhatwari- a little township on Uttarkashi Gangotri road about 35 kms. From Uttarkashi, Vehicles can go up to the village of Raithal from where one has to trek a steep incline covering a distance of about 7 kms to reach Dayara and the other route is via village Barsu, 10 kms from Bhatwari from where one has to trek about 8kms to Dayara Bugyal . Dayara Bugyal Is it the most beautiful meadow in India. This is a debate that refuses to die. When trekkers discuss amongst themselves about the most beautiful meadow in India – Dayara Bugyal is often placed at the top position only to be hotly contested and pushed to the next best. But there is no debate amongst trekkers that Dayara Bugyal would fall within the two most beautiful high altitude meadows in India. It is not difficult to see why. For hundred of years shepherds from far have been taking their flock to graze at Dayara. They have come back with stories of the abundance of grass and splendor of the mighty Himalayan mountain peaks cradling the meadows. They described the place with such intensity that soon word about Dayara Bugyal reached explorers.


  • Day 1

    Barsu to Dayara Bugyal 7400 ft to 11050 ft (4-5 hours) Alt gain: 3500 ft, 7 kms via Baranala easly to moderate climb with some stiff stretches in between. The Barnala and Dayara ridges can be seen right from the lawns of GMVN at Barsu. Barnala a small meadow is on top of the first ridge. Take the pathway that goes besides the wall of the GMVN passing the village fields. The fields give way to trees in ten minutes of the climb. The trees, a mix of local deciduous varieties, Oak and Rhododendron create a beautiful mix of colors when their leaves glisten in the morning sun.

  • Day 2

    Dayara Camp site 11000ft to Bakaria Top 12500ft and back to camp site exploring the Bugyal. Distance: 6 kms, 5 – 6 hours Dayara Bugyal’s expanse deserves a day for exploration. Set aside a day if you can for a complete exploration of the meadow going all the way to Bakaria top and back. Head up from the camp site and gain some height on the meadows. Move up heading right and traverse through the many sections of the meadows. A short stiff climb up takes you to the top of a ridge called as Moosa Dhangi. Moosa Dhangi gets its name because of the abundance of rats once found in the burrows there. There is another ridge line to climb after Moosa Dhangi and make the Bandar Poonch a prominent subject of your photographs from here.

  • Day 3

    Dayara Bugiyal to Siyaari If in summer start early. A 7.00am start is perfect if you are a bigger group. Take the trail that crosses the stream beyond the campsite and moves into the oak trees. The trail goes out of the forest cover in 5 minutes with magnificent views of Bandar Poonch and other peaks. Keep the tree line on your left and climb up the ridge until you meet the trail that goes to Gidara Bugiyal. It is a breathless 1omin to the trail.

  • Day 4

    Siyaari to Barsu: Siyari is a superb location to catch sunrise on a meadow. For that though you need to climb up about 200ft to a flat, to the turf left of the valley. Get up in time to make the 10 min climb to the flat. Carry enough woolens – it can get a little windy on the top and perch yourself on a boulder or on the grass to catch the sun rising behind the summit in a 180 degree panorama. As a bonus, wait for the hundreds of sheep’s that the Shepherd’s let out to graze in the morning light. Catch the first trace of the sun, bouncing off their backs as they bleat in the warmth of the sun.


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