Trekking at Kagbhusandi, Uttarakhand

Ravers Expeditions
  • 6 days
  • Tough
  • 4.9
  • Hilly

Trekking at Kagbhusandi, Uttarakhand by Ravers Expeditions.


Altitude: 5230 mts .
Type of trek: High altitude trek

Base: Govind Ghat

This is a small oblong lake with emerald green water. It is at an altitude of 5230 mts., near Kankul Pass(5230 mts.), and is almost a kilometer in length. Myriad blossoms decorate its banks during the season, a wildest profusion of colours make the trekker forget the hardships and the exhaustion of the trek. Set in the lap of Hathi Parvat (6730 mts.), the lake can be approached either from Bhiundhar village, near Ghangria, or from Vishnu Prayag. The trek from the former is a little easier in gradient, but is longer. The trek from Bhiundhar passes through thick bear-infested, forests and stretches of stinging nettles. The only shelters here are the shepherd huts. This trek also involves walking long distances across glacial moraines and over slippery rocks. Two huge rocks on a spur of Hathi Parvat are described as a crow (Kaga) and an Eagle (Garuda). The locals believe that the crow is animatedly conversing with Garuda on the affairs of the universe. Another version has it that a learned Brahmin of Ayodhya once incurred the wrath of the sage Lomas who lived here and was changed into the form of crow by the sage The trail to Kagbhushandi and Kankul Pass is in the Garhwal Himalayas, in Chamoli district of Uttarkhand. The trek begins along the famous Valley of Flowers trail. It then veers off to the east at Bhyunder village. The trail then meanders up along a small river till the head of the Haathi Parvat valley. The first campsite is at Semartoli. The trail is through dense forests and colorful canopy of maple and pine. The valley then opens up into a flat rocky terrain near the wall of Dang Kharak glacier. The next campsite is at Chainyal Kharak, which is at the right edge of the medial moraine. Here we reach the terminal Cwm presided by the 6700 m high Haathi Parvat, and another smaller peak called ‘Oti Ka Danda’. From here is a short but steep ascent to cross the Kankul Pass. Crossing the pass one moves to the Kagbhushand Gaad valley leading on to Alaknanda. The emerald green lake of Kagbhushandi Taal amidst the snow covered terrain is a sight to behold. To reach Joshimath, one has to pass the Barmai Pass. The crossing is difficult with a steep snow covered slope on one side and boulders on the other side. On the other side of the pass is a good recessed site for camping called the Upper Barmai Camp. An alternative route to Barmai Pass is a deep gully coming down from the ridge to the south. The trek then moves on to Pharsawan Bainak. The descent to the town of Joshimath begins from here, and after a series of ups and downs, the town is reached. This trek through the Haathi Parvat valley is one of the lesser frequented and explored trails, though some PWD work is being carried out to lay a trail. The isolation and the scenic splendor is mind boggling.


  • Day 1

    Joshimath- Bhyunder Village (25 Kms drive and 9 Kms Trek)

  • Day 2

    Bhyunder- Semartoli Bugyal- Dang Kharak Glacier Camp (8 Kms Trek)

  • Day 3

    Dang Kharak- Kankul Pass Base Camp (5 Kms)

  • Day 4

    Over Kankul Pass to Kagbhushandi Taal (8 Kms)

  • Day 5

    Kagbhushandi Taal – Barmai Pass (4513 Mtrs) – Upper Barmai Camping Ground (6 Kms)

  • Day 6

    Upper Barmai Camping Ground- Pharsawan Bank- Vishnu Prayag (20 Kms)


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