Trekking at Kalindi Khal, Uttarakhand

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Trekking at Kalindi Khal in Uttarakhand By Ravers Expeditions


Category: Trekking/Expedition/Difficult/11days

Location: Garhwal in Uttarakhand

Trekking days – 12+1 days

Max Altitude – 5950 mts

Acco - Alpine Camping - 11 Nights,

Fixed Camp - 1 Night, Hotel / Guesthouse - 5 Nights,Train - 1 Night

This is Himalayan trekking at its best! Trek to Kalindikhal (Kalindi Pass – 5950m), without a doubt is the most challenging and rewarding trek in the Indian Himalayas. Set in the spiritual land of Garhwal, you come within touching distance of some very big mountains and walk in between them, find your way through a maze of glaciers, camp on spectacular meadows, get to see the holy Ganges come out of its source and visit two of the most ancient shrines in the country. Not to forget the high of climbing an almost 6000m pass in the Himalayas. All this comes with a set of challenges. The remoteness of the trail augmented by the altitude of the pass (almost 6000m) gives it the flavour of an expedition and requires meticulous planning. Weather plays an important role. One needs to plan for bad weather days. Also the presence of crevasses, step climbing through snow around the pass, walking in high altitude region and a few tricky river crossings mean that this one is not for beginners.

Note: A detailed packing list will be shared with you once you have signed up for the trip


  • Day 1

    DELHI - HARIDWAR Arrive the previous night in Delhi. Day can be spent visiting old Delhi and other historical monuments. Take the late night train from Delhi for Haridwar

  • Day 2

    HARIDWAR - UTTARKASHI (1150m, drive 200 kms / 6-7 hrs) Arrive at Haridwar early in the morning and from here depart for Uttarkashi by road. Check into the hotel. Evening visit the Vishwanath temple. Overnight in a hotel

  • Day 3

    UTTARKASHI - GANGOTRI (3050m, drive 98 kms / 3-4 hrs) After breakfast drive to Gangotri, a very small and beautiful temple town situated on the banks of river Bhagirathi (also referred to as Ganga). This drive in the Bhagirathi valley is very enjoyable with impressive gorges at Bhairav ghati. We check into a guest house here. Sadhus (holy men) & pilgrims are to be found scattered all over the place having undertaken long journeys to pay homage at the source of the Ganges, the most revered river in India. The spiritual intensity of Gangotri, is palpable as you witness the daily puja at the temple. Overnight in a guest house.

  • Day 4

    GANGOTRI - BHOJWASSA (3800m, trek / 5-6 hrs) We walk into the Gangotri National park and very soon are rewarded with nice views of the Bhagirathi peaks. We will cross Chirbasa (place having pine forests) and continue hiking towards Bhojbasa (place having Birch trees). From Chirbasa great views of the Bhagirathi, Shivling (Matterhorn of Garhwal) & Bhrigu Parbat unfold. Overnight in tents

  • Day 5

    BHOJWASSA - GAUMUKH (3890m) - TAPOVAN (4450m, trek / 5-6 hrs) First stage of the trek takes us to Gaumukh, meaning Cows mouth. The snout of the glacier is the source of the Ganges and is a very holy place for millions of people around the world. Though difficult to reach for an average guy on a pilgrimage you might catch a few people here taking a dip in the freezing holy water. Sadhus (holy men) are found taking refuge in the surrounding caves. Moraine walk followed by a steep 40 mins climbing to the ridge top takes you to Tapovan. Contrasting beauty of this (high altitude meadow) hits you as a surprise. This oasis is a combination of undulating meadows, gurgling streams and unparalleled views of the mighty Himalayan peaks. Overnight in tents

  • Day 6

    TAPOVAN - REST /ACCLIMATISATION/EXPLORATORY DAY Do your own thing today. Explore the meadows of Tapovan, or attempt a short climb towards the Shivling base camp or just chill out, soaking in the beauty of this truly amazing landscape. Overnight in tents

  • Day 7

    TAPOVAN - NANDANVAN (4337m, trek / 3-4 hrs) From Tapovan it’s a short stage to Nandanvan. Initially we walk on a flat trail almost parallel to the gigantic Bhagirathi peaks - an experience you’ll surely cherish. We now descend to the glacier and after several ups and downs through moraine and ice cross over to the other side of the Gangotri glacier to reach Nandanvan. From here we get to view the Shivling, Bhagirathi, Sudarshan, Thelu and Kedardome peaks. Overnight stay in tents.

  • Day 8

    NANDANVAN - VASUKI TAL (4880m, / 4-5 hrs) Today we will mostly be climbing up, trekking along the Chaturangi Glacier. Also we will have to negotiate a tricky patch just below the campsite at the lake. For this we might have to fix a rope depending upon the condition of the patch. Vasuki Tal (4880 m) is a small and beautiful lake and serves as the base camp for parties climbing Mt Satopanth and Mt Vasuki Parbat. Overnight stay in tents

  • Day 9

    VASUKI TAL - REST & ACCLIMATISATION DAY We rest and get acclimatised properly before heading towards 5000m+ campsites which are to follow. The lake with its views is an excellent spot for relaxing. There are plenty of opportunities to go on exploratory hikes around the lake. Overnight in tents

  • Day 10

    VASUKI TAL - KHARA PATHAR (5480 m, trek /3-4 hrs) Having properly rested and acclimatised it’s time to climb closer to the pass. It’s a short ascend to the next camp. We climb short distances to ensure proper acclimatisation. Khara Pathar is a small camping area with moraine all around. Overnight in tents

  • Day 11

    KHARA PATHAR - SWETA GLACIER (5500m / trek 4-5 hrs) After breakfast we trek through mostly moraines to reach Sweta Glacier. Today we will camp on moraine with the glacier underneath. One is sure to be woken up in the night by the movement of glaciers underneath. At Sweta glacier one gets the feeling of being in a different world with huge mountains, glacier and boulders all around. Overnight in tents

  • Day 12

    SWETA GLACIER - KALINDI BASE CAMP (5600m, trek / 4-5 hrs) We will start early and trek up to Kalindi base camp. Base camp is a completely wild, cold and beautiful place. The high mountain scenery doesn’t get any better than this. One can see whats in store for tomorrow from here. While you rest and enjoy the landscape our guides will move up the trail from here and go on a recce trip to check the route for tomorrow. Today we have an early diner as we will be leaving very early tomorrow morning. Overnight in tents

  • Day 13

    KALINDI BASE -KALINDIKHAL (5950m) - BEYOND ARWATAL (3980 m, trek / 8 - 12 hrs depending on snow conditions) Its quite a challenging climb with the gradient being pretty steep almost throughout. One will need to rope up and also watch out for crevasses. Time taken to reach the top depends on the snow condition which will also depend on when you’re doing the trek. In case of fresh snow we will need to be extra careful about the crevasses and will be able to move very slowly. The effort to reach the top at 5950m is suitably rewarded by high quality and very close views of big mountains and ranges all around. We take a short rest and start descending keeping in mind that only half the job is done. This side of the pass again one will need to walk roped up and avoiding crevasses. We will have snow till quite some distance. We trek down to Rajparav (4910 m) and then further to Arwatal and beyond. It’s a very long descend and we take breaks in between. On reaching the camp don’t forget to pat your back. You have crossed one of the most difficult passes in the Indian Himalayas. Overnight in tents

  • Day 14

    ARWATAL - GHASTOLI (3796 m trek / 5-6 hrs) It’s a beautiful and exciting walk today. Action continues with at least 3-4 very exciting river crossings. Some might require support of rope. One would be surely amused and caught off guard by the sight of soldiers inside bunkers on the slopes before reaching Ghastoli. We finally meet someone outside our team as soldiers welcome us to Ghastoli with a hot cup of tea. The areas around Ghastoli and Kalindi are extremely close to Tibet, hence this presence of Indian army soldiers. We camp on a beautiful campsite by the Arwa river. Overnight in tents

  • Day 15

    GHASTOLI - BADRINATH (trek / 5-6 hrs) Its a long downhill walk mostly on a newly constructed road. We take a few shortcuts wherever possible. Today you will find a few army vehicles plying on the road. We go down to the village of Mana, the last settlement before the Tibet border. It’s a very scenic village with a few tea shops. From Mana we get into the waiting vehicle and drive for 3 kms to reach the temple town of Badrinath. Set by the banks of river Alaknanda with the Neelkanth peak in the backdrop Badrinath presents quite a picture. One can safely call it the Vatican of India. Millions of pilgrims visit the temple every year. We check into a very comfortable hotel here and enjoy a hot shower. In the evening we visit the temple around aarti (ceremony) time. With bells clinging and lamps lit up it is a very spiritual experience. Good opportunity to actually thank the gods for letting us walk in their backyard and come down safely. Overnight in a hotel

  • Day 16

    BADRINATH - AULI (drive / 2 hrs) After breakfast we depart for Auli by road. Auli is a popular ski resort and also famous for the view of Nanda Devi peak from here. We check into the hotel and walk towards various vantage points to look at India’s most revered mountain. If one is upto it a 2 -3 hrs climb through the jungle and then in open meadows will take us to the extremely beautiful grazing pastures called Gorson top. From here the views are just outstanding. Walk back will take just an hour or so. Overnight in a hotel

  • Day 17

    AULI - RUDRAPRAYAG (drive / 5-6 hrs) After a leisurely breakfast we will drive down to Rudraprayag, a small town situated on the confluence of two holy rivers (Mandakini & Alaknanda). We check into the hotel and relax. Overnight in a hotel

  • Day 18

    RUDRAPRAYAG - RISHIKESH - NEW DELHI (drive / 4-5 hrs & train / 4.5 hrs) After breakfast we drive down to the spiritual capital of the country, Rishikesh. We have lunch here and do some sightseeing before driving a short distance to Haridwar (40 mins) to catch the Shatabdi express train for Delhi. TRIP ENDS HERE.


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