Trekking at Milam Glacier & Nanda Devi East Base, Uttarakhand

Ravers Expeditions
  • 17 days
  • Tough
  • 4.9
  • Hilly

Milam Glacier & Nanda Devi East Base trek takes one on a remote trail, a trade route between India & Tibet which existed more than a century ago.


Category: Trekking /Camping /Difficult

Location: Kumaon in Uttarakhand

Acco : Alpine Camping - 12 Nights,

Hotel/Guesthouse - 2 Nights,

Train: 2 Nights

Max Altitude: 4150 mts

Stunning views of some of Himalayan peaks like Hardeol (7151m), Rishi Pahar (6992m), Trisuli (7074m) and many more from Milam glacier. A meadow campsite at the Nanda Devi Base camp with unparalleled views of high mountains all around adds to the experience. First stage of the trek takes you through some remote villages in Milam, the last major settlement before the Tibet border. From here we set out on an excursion to the close by Milam glacier to have an up close & personal experience of being with Himalayan peaks like Hardeol, Rishi Pahar, Tirsuli and many more.


  • Day 1

    DELHI – KATHGODAM Arrive the previous night in Delhi. Day can be spent visiting old Delhi and other historical monuments. Take the late night train from Delhi for Kathgodam.

  • Day 2

    KATHGODAM - ALMORA - MUNSIYARI (2300m, Drive 300 kms / 8-9 hrs) Arrive in Kathgodam by 0605 hrs. From here drive to Munsiyari via Almora. Overnight in a hotel

  • Day 3

    MUNSIYARI - DARKOT - LILAM (1850m, Trek /3-4 hrs) From Darkot we start the descent to the Gori Ganga River. We continue descending until we reach the river at Jimighat. This is the lowest point of the trail and from here we start climbing to Lilam. Overnight in tents

  • Day 4

    LILAM - BUGDIAR (2430m, Trek /5-6 hrs) Today we start trekking towards Bugdiar. After walking approximately 5 kms we cross the confluence of Ralam River and Gori Ganga. Continuing further we reach a small meadow with a side stream and a small tea point. After tea we continue further finally reaching the meadow of Bugdiar. Shepherds with their flocks of sheep and goats are a common sight. Overnight in tents

  • Day 5

    BUGDIAR - RAILKOT - MARTOLI (3430m, Trek/5-6 hrs) Continue trekking along the Gori Ganga through a series of narrow gorges. The trail is really beautiful, passing through gorges and meadows leading to Railkot. Further continuing on a well distinguished trail is the village Martoli situated at the edge of Luan Gad Valley. Overnight in tents

  • Day 6

    MARTOLI - MILAM (3450m, Trek /4-5 hrs) From Martoli we descend to a bridge over the Lwani Gad. Continuing further we cross the main bridge over the Gori Ganga. Now the trail goes on to the left bank and a short climb brings us to Burphu Village (3350 m). Here the valley starts to open up and the scenery is spectacular with views of several peaks. Trekking further we will reach Milam village. This is the last major settlement before Tibet. Overnight in tents

  • Day 7

    MILAM - MILAM GLACIER - MILAM (Trek 6-8 /3-4 hrs) After breakfast trek towards the Glacier. Visit the Glacier and the magnificent peaks i.e. Rishi Pahar (6692 m), Hardeol (7151 m) and Trishuli 1 (7074 m) and many more. Later return to Milam village. Overnight in tents

  • Day 8

    MILAM - CAMP (LWANI) (3500m, Trek /4-5 hrs) Descend towards Lwani. Campsite is opposite to the settlements of Lwani. Overnight in tents

  • Day 9

    CAMP (LWANI) - NANDA DEVI EAST BASE CAMP (4150m, Trek /5-6 hrs) Start trekking towards base camp following the Lwani valley. The trail which passes through a series of moraine fields and famous meadows of Sartol Kharak (3650 m) and Naspanpatti (3850 m) finally leads to the Nanda Devi East base camp. Overnight in tents

  • Day 10

    BASE CAMP Rest & relaxation day

  • Day 11

    BASE CAMP - TOWARDS NANDA DEVI EAST FACE - BASE CAMP (4150m, Trek /3-4 hrs) Today we trek about 3 odd kms towards southeast of the Nanda Devi East. Explore the terrain and return back in the afternoon. This is the route leading to Trails Pass that links the upper Lwani valley with the Pindari valley. Overnight in tents

  • Day 12

    BASE CAMP - MARTOLI (3430m, Trek /5-6 hrs)

  • Day 13

    BASE CAMP - MARTOLI (3430m, Trek /5-6 hrs)

  • Day 14

    BUGDIAR - LILAM (1850m, Trek /4-5 hrs)

  • Day 15

    LILAM - MUNSIYARI (2300m Trek/4-5 hrs) Overnight in Munsiyari in a guesthouse/hotel.

  • Day 16

    MUNSIYARI - KATHGODAM (Drive/300 kms/8-9 hrs) – DELHI Early morning drive from Munsiyari towards Kathgodam to board Ranikhet Express at 2040 hrs.

  • Day 17

    DELHI Arrival in Delhi by 0440 hrs.


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