Yamnotri To Dodital Trek

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Yamnotri To Dodital Trek In Uttarakhand


Dodital is a freshwater lake in Uttarakhand, India, situated at a height of 3,024 metres (9,921 ft). According to one of the popular legends Lord Ganesha chose this place as his abode. There is also a temple devoted to Lord Ganesha here. Another name for this lake is 'dhundital' meaning ganesh ka tal or lake of Ganesha. We approach Dodital trek from Human Chatti which is in Yamnotri valley. Being close to Yamnotri, we spend 2 nights at Syana Chatti which is a peaceful place compare to Janki chatti which is a starting point of the walk to the pilgrimage of Yamnotri. We take one day excursion to Yamnotri. Yamunotri is the source of the Yamuna River and the seat of the Goddess Yamuna in Hinduism. It is situated at an altitude of 3,293 metres (10,804 ft) in the Garhwal Himalayas and located approximately 30 kilometers (19 mi) North of Uttarkashi. It is one of the four sites in India's Chhota Char Dham pilgrimage. The sacred shrine of Yamunotri, source of the river Yamuna, is the westernmost shrine in the Garhwal Himalayas, perched atop a flank of Bandar Poonch Parvat. The chief attraction at Yamunotri is the temple devoted to the Goddess Yamuna and the holy thermal springs at Janki Chatti (7 km. Away)


  • day 1:

    In the morning after breakfast drive Rishikesh to Syana Chatti via Mussoorie which can take 8-10 hours as it is 208kms. Overnight stay and meals AT HOTEL Kalindi.

  • Day 2:

    We drive in the morning from Syana Chatti to Janki Chatti which is 14 kms by jeep, and then from there we start our walk of 6km to Yamunotri by trek. Visit the shrine of Yamunotri, situated at an elevation of about 3,235 m is a point of paramount religious importance for Hindus and an essential pilgrimage.

    Return to janki Chatti and walk across the bridge to visit Kharsari village. It is 1 km away from Janki Chatti and is the last village in the region. This is the village where most of the people including the idol move to and from Yamunotri during the winter season. There is an old temple to visit. It is a three-storied temple and has carved stones on the walls. It is a Shiva temple dedicated to the Lord in the form of Someshwar, the God of the intoxicant Soma. The intricate WOODWORK here is also noteworthy. In the evening back at sayna chatti and overnight stay and meals at THE HOTEL.

  • day 3:

    We get on our vehicles to drive us (30minutes) to the starting point a little ahead of Hanuman Chatti (7920 ft) passed a little hydro electricity project over the hanuman ganga River. We start our walk while horses are being loaded, cross the bridge to get on the trail which will lead us to Dodital . Trail is all up hill with zig zag walk through forest and up to Seema, our camping place. The trail takes us through a village called Nishni where there are about 80 families living. We will spend little time in the village and interact with the villagers. It takes about an hour or 2 to get to the village and after the village we head up to Seema (11550 ft approx) which is a nice meadow just little above forest. This meadow is great for camping as water is close by and it is flat for camping. It takes about 3-4 hours. Over night and meals at Tented camp.

  • day 4:

    It is a long day but worth your effort. Day starts with an up hill for an hour and then it gets bit flatten for while. Mountains come in the view as soon as you finish with uphill trek. Most of day we will have the view of all the mountains of the area which includes Bandarpoonch (20955 fts), Dropdikadanda (21185 fts), Jaonli (21780 fts), Srikanth, Gangotri I,II,III and many other peaks. After the Darwa top (13629 ft) there is a 5Km of downhill walk all the way to Dodital (10913 ft): The crystal clear lake and the surrounding dense forests create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Explore the surrounding areas. Campfire dinner at night. Overnight in Tented camp.

  • day 5:

    Easy morning as we won’t be in hurry. The walk today from Dodital to Bevra is all down hill almost all day with few patches of flat land. It is about 16km and takes us about 4-5 hours to get to this small village of Bevra (7269 fts) and a camping place by the river where people can wash. Over night at Tented camp in Bevra.

  • day 6:

    We meet our awaiting vehichle at the road which drive us to Rishikesh via Uttarakashi. TRIP finishes at the arrival in Rishikesh.


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